Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bon Appetite

Barbara and I went to the town of Brantome the other night and experienced why french cuisine is coveted by so many foodies around the world.  Our pallets experienced the true fundamental essence of flavor that I can only describe as strong and pure.  There were a couple of highlights in our four course dinner.  The first was in our first course when I had the foie gras and Barbara had this amazing lightly foamed lobster bisque.  It was light but creamy with a comforting lobster flavor that reminded me of the Maine lobster I would get growing up in Connecticut.  The second was the Choucroute du Poisson.  A trio of fish with sauerkraut that consisted of monk, salmon, and cod.  Choucroute that I have had in the past has traditionally been with different types of pork, from sausages to bacon, to shoulder.  I was curious to see if fish could hold up to the kraut.  It did on every level and let me explain how these genius chefs at this restaurant did it.  One simple ingredient... Butter.  There was another accent to the beurre blanc sauce that was on the fish and kraut and that was a lobster stock blended in it.  Amazing... that's all I have to say about that.  Dessert, dessert, dessert, six creme brulee of saffron, rose, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and Thyme is up for this blog.... Mark


  1. Thanks a lot I'm ravenously hungry despite having just inhaled a 12 grain bagel with cream cheese :)

  2. Sorry Miss Lindy Lou!
    You will just have to pop over and visit us now! When you are finally done with all of your schooling, you should make a much needed trip to France and we will feed you to your tummy's content!
    xoxo B

  3. Ohhhhhhh yes PLEASE!!! I will help with the chicken coop for meals!