Monday, January 19, 2009

Rainy Monday, thinking about chickens

We got up this morning with the rains,  anxious to go explore the local villages around St. Vivian with Barbara's grandmother.  The main topic in the car was building a chicken coup and getting three chickens for fresh eggs every morning.  We would love to get requests for their names.  Barbara and I have some down time the next two months before we get a constant flow of renters here, so we are putting together small projects two keep us busy.  We are also going to start taking french lessons in the next couple of weeks, which will be good for me because I caught myself ordering a coffee in spanish.  The gentleman behind the bar new what I was saying, so without missing a beat got right on it saving me from embarrassment.  Taking french will keep me from crossing languages.  I also bought some pickling jars this afternoon and hope to start pickling vegetables soon, so if anyone has some old family pickling recipes, I would love to get them from you.  I definitely want to pickle some carrots because I know that my withdrawals from Mexican food will be extreme in the weeks to come.  Please send your chicken names, by adding a comment to this post, when you get a chance. We came up with a few already but we would love to hear your thoughts.... Mark


  1. Barack
    pollo - to honor Mark's coffee purchase in Spanish

  2. Honestly, the rooster MUST be named Napoleon or Bonaparte. One female must be named Josphine and the second female could be Madelaine. But that's just moi!

  3. Hey Guys! Great suggestions so far! I should mention that we don't have the chickens yet, we have to wait until the weather is warmer and we get the coop built. Oh and also we are going to be getting girl chickens only. I doubt the guests here would be up for a rooster crowing at sunrise!!
    Personally I am voting for their names to be Finger, Lickin' and Good. I don't know if Mark's sold on those though so we do need your help!
    Keep em coming!
    xoxo Barbara

  4. I like Finger, Licking and Good. I'm a +1 on that.

    or Row, Roe, and Your Boat.

    oh how about K , F, C

  5. Wait, there's 3 of them? I didn't know that. In that case I change my vote to be Dusty, Lucky and Ned although I also like the name Cazadores for a chicken because it sounds funny.

  6. nugget, tender, and patty/ or wing, thigh, and leg

  7. I don't have any pickling recipes, but if there is a fig tree around, I have a great one for fig preserves. Perfect for breakfast breads and brie. We do several dozen jars every summer.