Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Name that Chicken and win a prize!

Ok guys we need your help,
We ordered our first 2 chickens today and we will be ordering 2 more later on this week for a total of 4. We were originally going to get 3 but after all of our research we wanted more!

Anyway, I know that we already asked you to help us name them but we forgot to mention at the time that we were only getting girls so we thought we'd throw it out there one more time before our ladies arrive. They arrive on Feb 26 by the way and they will be 6 weeks old. The ones that we ordered today were both Sussex hens and one is white with a black neck and the other is all black (we have yet to settle on what the other breeds will be). The picture above is of a white Sussex so you get an idea of what it looks like. 

Mark and I have decided that since we are getting 4 chickens, he will name one,I will name one, my grandmother will name one and we will let you guys-yes you- name the other one. Please add any girl names that you can think of as a comment to this post. There is no limit on how many names you can suggest.
If we pick your chicken name we will make you breakfast in bed (eggs of course) when you come to visit us here in France!
The deadline for name suggestions is Feb 25, so start thinking now!


  1. BTW...Scarlett was daddy's plane name!

  2. Oh, and I like my eggs over medium! :)

  3. I'm going to go for "Henny Penny".

    You can shorten that shiz to "Henny" when you're feeling all good about her egg-layin' prowess!

  4. Will says Pou-lay, I'm a fan of Frida (I know it's Spanish not French, but so be it).