Sunday, February 15, 2009

French Speaking Chickens

     So, it has been awhile since we last posted.  Our days lately have been determined by weather.  The three factors are rain, cold, and sun.  If it's raining we usually go to the market.  If it's cold we go outside as little as possible and if the sun is out we try to get everything done we can outside.  
We have been keeping ourselves busy lately. Our biggest project right now is the construction of the chicken coop... No wait, learning french.  We have an English chap who comes to the chateau once a week to give us french lessons.  He is very eccentric with a lot of ailments due to the fact that he is in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Derek, our instructor, walks with a cane because last week he was confronted by a car when he drove his scooter to quickly around a turn and ended up in a ditch.  We also have to coordinate his arrival so he doesn't come through the front gate when our two dogs Coco and Sienna are running about the castle grounds.  You see Derek had a run in with his drug and gun peddling neighbor's Rottweiler a couple months back and goes into a bit of a tense stiffening state when he hears a dog bark.  Outside of his quirks, which we find fascinating, Barbara and I like him.  
Our other project these days, when the weather permits us, is the chicken coop.  We have the frame completed and we are hoping to order our new family members on Tuesday.   We found out that at the local farmers co-op  you can order a specific age and breed of chicken in a catalog and receive them in 3-5 days... Brilliant.  We are hoping to be the proud parents of three, maybe four beautiful eleven week old hens.  That will bring our animal count up to Ten, but who's counting?



  1. I should add that we are building our chicken coop entirely out of scrap bits of wood. We are now lovingly calling it the "Samford and Son" coop!

  2. This picture reminds me of building sets at CCCT.